Team Policy

A Team Policy debate asks competitors to develop and defend competing policy options to address contemporary problems.

Lincoln Douglas

Lincoln Douglas is value debate. A Lincoln Douglas debate examines competing value systems to answer big questions.


Parliamentary debate is an extemporaneous form of debate which asks competitors to develop and defend ideas and positions on a wide range of issues.

Resolution for 2023 – 2024 Season
The United States Federal Government should substantially reform its energy policy.

Resolution for 10/1/2023 – 1/31/2024
A free press ought to prioritize objectivity over advocacy.

Spring Resolution announced 12/1/2023
Debated 2/1/2024-3/31/2024

Last Resolution announced 3/13/2024
Debated 4/1/2024 – NITOC 2024

Parli Resolutions
For Parli, the resolutions change with each round