HW (HomeWork) for 10/3

Hey All,

I neglected to tell you of the assignments I wanted you to complete for Speech next week. We will be dividing into groups, and for those I want you to have ready a couple things to do as follows:

  • Tell a humorous story to the group. This is not to be a riddle, or a joke per se, but a story that is humorous. What we will be looking for is how you present the story, gestures, use of voice, esp. pauses, etc. You can write out notes if you need them. These can be actual stories that you have experienced, other real stories, or something made up. The key will be in the presentation.
  • Read a passage that comes from the first 5 books of the Bible. The passage needs to be around 20 verses long. What I want you to work on is sounding more like you are telling the story rather than reading. This is a hard skill to learn. It will require use of voice, esp. pauses, and also trying to portray the wonders of the story through expressive use of a variety of tone, pitch, and speed. Don’t just read aloud the passage, try to sound as if you are an eyewitness to whatever you are telling, and your audience is hearing this for the first time. 

Please inform me as soon as you can if you plan to be involved with Extemp. I need to invite you to prepd so you can get your account set up, and start dropping articles. I will want to set up a time outside of club to have a Zoom meeting so we can discuss how to do Extemp, how to use prepd, etc.

Finally, please also let me know as soon as you can if you plan to do Mars Hill. It would be easier if all Mars Hill people can divide up the categories and upload into a common drive for everyone to print off their own Mars Hill folder. 


Coach Vaughan

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